Meet HumanityX

Who we are

HumanityX is a multidisciplinary support team for pioneers in the peace and justice sector who want to spearhead digital innovations to tackle global challenges. Our strength lies in data-driven prototyping, co-creating digital solutions and building a network where innovators can explore, build and thrive.

An initiative of Leiden University’s Centre for Innovation, HumanityX builds on the vision that open, joint and fast innovation is part of the future for academic research trajectories. In close collaboration with the various university labs that are run by the Centre for Innovation, HumanityX offers its partners a network of opportunities.

HumanityX also serves as the innovation engine of The Hague Humanity Hub, an initiative of the City of The Hague and the Centre for Innovation to build the world’s leading innovation space for peace and justice.

Our vision

Leveraging the Data Revolution for the Benefit of Humanity.


Our mission is to enable leading organisations working in the peace, justice and humanitarian sector to initiate digital innovations in order to increase their impact on society. To do so, we bring together pioneers from different disciplines, so that new solutions emerge from a mix of domain knowledge, data expertise, academic research and inspiration from related sectors. Our goal is to become the world’s leading innovation network for global challenges.

Our approach

All we do builds on concrete user stories. We work with professionals who want to develop data-driven innovations for their work on peace, justice and humanitarian response. Our partners benefit from a broad range of expertise throughout our network and can leverage lessons learned from agile software development practice to avoid repeating mistakes from others. We use our in-house methodology for rapid prototyping, which emphasises the principles of start small / scale fast and human-centered design.

How it works

You have an idea for an innovative solution: we help you build it. Within 3 months.

Brainstorming, Match-making

Join us on Future Fridays and share your ideas with our team. We help you to find the best match between your ideas and relevant expertise within our large network. Together, we'll design a brainstorming meeting with relevant Hub partners. If you cannot make it to The Hague, connect with us through our social channels.

Rapid prototyping

We help you decide on how to create a suitable prototype, based on our in-house methodology. Most of our work focuses on three overarching themes: real-time analysis, leveraging the wisdom of the crowd, and peer-to-peer solutions.

Design & delivery, Short sprints

We'll help you build a small, interdisciplinary team (including members of our own team) and design a short sprint towards building a first viable prototype.

First Prototype

The prototype you co-create will be available on our open-source platform for other innovators to get inspired.

Test & follow-up, Consolidate

With this prototype, you can decide whether it is worth investing further. We are happy to help you look for the right partners within our network.

Data Responsibility:

Throughout the entire innovation cycle, we apply design principles that maximise human-centered solutions and minimise risks of data use. We work with experts on data responsibility, and rely on the expertise that is available through the International Data Responsibility Group.

What we do

Real Time

Data increasingly works 24/7. HumanityX helps you to integrate real-time analysis to improve and facilitate the exploration of proactive and innovative ways to improve decision-making.


In an interconnected world, we can use collective intelligence for data-gathering and analysis. Well-designed platforms facilitate crowd-using, which will save time and reduce costs.


The more people who have access to smartphones, the more we will see a dispersal of information and of the service landscape. ​We help design peer-to-peer solutions that make people more self-reliant.

Advisory Board

Bibi van den Berg

Leiden University

Maurits Barendrecht

HiiL Innovating Justice

Liesbet van Zoonen

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Roderick Besseling


Bartel van der Walle

Delft University

Kars Veiling


Jurjen Harskamp

Centre for Innovation, Leiden University

Support Team

Thomas Baar

Project Design & Delivery, Conflict Studies, Data Responsibility

Arvid Halma

Data Analyst

Saskia Iseard

​Creative Positioning

Sjoerd Louwaars

Learning Experiences