On 24-25 November we will be facilitating a Hackathon Against Violence in Beirut, Lebanon. It will be a co-creation event to brings together ideas, people and resources – driving a safer and more equal MENA.


The hackathon will be held with Oxfam and its partners SMEX and The Knowledge Workshop. It will explore the gendered dimensions of the digital age in the MENA and how this is affecting gender based violence -be it psychological, sexual or physical. How can the technology revolution help or hinder in addressing this challenge?


Problem statements

Some of the topics we will be covering during the hackathon are:

  • REPORTING: How can we create a trusted reporting platform for those affected by violence, in a way which is easy to find and interact with?
  • PREVENTION: How can we enable those living in fear of violence to access services for support, with minimal logistical burden?
  • DATA GAPS: How can we fill much needed data gaps related to eVAW to better influence key stakeholders?
  • DIGITAL SAFETY: How can we help those affected by violence to gain the confidence and knowledge they need to use technology safely, with full control over their online data and privacy settings?
  • KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: How can we support those affected by violence in using on-line opportunities to raise awareness of what an abusive relationship looks like and the legal process or the financial situation women find themselves in?
Steps foward

Outputs from the event will feed into a separate panel discussion in London, organised by Oxfam. (This will take place during ’16 Days of Activism’). This is an opportunity to invite applications to create, adapt, scale up or roll out solutions produced by the Beirut hackathon.


When: 24-25 November 2017

Time: 09:30 – 17:30 BST

Where: Antwork, Beirut


If you’d like to attend please contact our colleague Kate Dodgson: