On 30 June, HumanityX hosted a workshop with Fairphone to tackle the challenge: can and should Fairphone use blockchain technology for supply chain and mineral traceability?


Fairphone is a social enterprise that is building a movement for fairer electronics. They are doing this by opening up the supply chain and making the smart-phone making process more transparent.


Aware of the potential of blockchain technology to transparently record the supply chain, Fairphone wanted to explore whether it would be suitable to do so in their context. HumanityX considered an ideation workshop as the perfect forum to bring together experts from various areas to discuss this issue, and begin formulating a solution.


The one-day ideation workshop included experts from: supply chain, blockchain, ethical mining, sustainable banking, UX, natural resources and more. HumanityX moderated the event following their rapid prototyping methodology and by the afternoon, had 15 potential prototypes. Three of these were selected for further exploration.


Following the workshop, several parties are interested in piloting their prototypes and discussions are underway.

Impressions from the day

“Thanks for having us over for the workshop which was really interesting, so many ideas came up! And thanks HumanityX for this interesting methodology. We would never have been able to discuss so many aspects of this topic without the benefit of this methodology” – Hélène Helbig de Balzac, Program Manager at Better Sourcing Program.