On 28 October we facilitated a Blockchain workshop during this year’s MozFest.


MozFest is an annual celebration of the open Internet movement. It’s where passionate technologists, educators, and makers come together to explore the future of the open Web.


During this MozFest edition we discussed how blockchain can help with human rights and international development. We did so by introducing the participants to the humanitarian issue of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) in developing countries.


CRVS is an issue because without identity and registration documents, many people are left to fend for themselves. They cannot open bank accounts, attend schools, get jobs or access aid.


Humanitarian organisation are looking for ways to simplify and digitalise CRVS, during the workshop we discussed if blockchain technology could offer a solution.


We looked at the current state of the technology through a humanitarian lens. We did this following a rapid prototyping methodology and participants considered the necessity, feasibility, desirability, scalibility and incentives to use blockchain for CRVS.


Event Impressions